By now everyone knows what Covid-19 is and how it affects everything in the society. We are hopeful that Umeå Wrestling Battle can be held according to plan in October 2021 with as few restrictions as possible. This however, is not up to us. We are closely monitoring the situation to understand how the rules and restrictions laid out by the Swedish authorities and by the Swedish Wrestling Federation will affect the way Umeå Wrestling Battle can be conducted. Our number one priority is the health and the safety of everyone. 

In the unfortunate event that Umeå Wrestling Battle needs to be cancelled, we will refund all participation fees, pre-ordered meals and other payments that have been made directly to us. 

All covid-19 related information that will affect the competition will be posted here. For the time being, let's just hope for the best!

Stay healthy!

Covid-19 plan (updated October 12, changes in red)

Umeå Wrestling Battle is the first international wrestling event with multiple countries and several hundred participants to take place in Sweden during the pandemic. Our number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of all participants, coaches and volunteers while at the same time making Umeå Wrestling Battle a great and memorable wrestling tournament.  

Any updates to the covid plan will be published on the Umeå Wrestling Battle website and on Instagram and Facebook. All important information will also be available at the arena.

Entry to Sweden
Different rules apply depending on the country you are travelling from. Also, in many cases, different rules apply if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. In many cases it is mandatory to present a negative PCR or antigen test upon entry to Sweden. For updated info about entry to Sweden, please read the info from the Swedish police:

Covid-19 testing upon arrival
Upon arrival to the arena, all participants arriving from a country outside of the Nordic region (i.e. all countries except Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) will need to take a covid-19 test. The test, which is free of charge, is a so-called self-test. This means, the participants will follow instructions given on site and carry out the testing themselves. 

The testing will begin at 12.00 and nobody will be allowed to enter the arena before that. Testing will be available all day during Friday, October 15.

This test  is mandatory for all participants arriving from a country outside of the Nordic region and is based on the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. For further reading:

For Nordic participants testing is not mandatory but we encourage all participants to take a covid test prior to departure to Umeå.

No spectators and and a limited number of coaches
To avoid crowding, no specators will be allowed in the arena. We will, however, offer a high quality livestream to make sure everyone can follow the tournament live.

Each team will be allowed to bring a number of coaches, depending on the size of the team.

Team size and number of coaches allowed (+3 coaches added per team)
1-3 wrestlers, 5 coaches
4-8 wrestlers=6 coaches
9-15 wrestlers=8 coaches
16-25 wrestlers=9 coaches
25 or more wrestlers=10 coaches

Face masks are mandatory during weigh-in, transport
Face masks are required upon entry to the arena on Friday October 15. This is to prevent the spread of the virus and to make queueing as safe as possible (distance+face masks). Please bring your own face mask.

The use of face masks is also required on all transports that are carried out by us, e.g. from the airport or the ferry port to the arena.

Queuing for registration, medical-check and weigh-in will be done in a way that prevents crowding. Follow the instructions given at the arena.

Weigh-in – extended time and only at the arena
The weigh-in time has been extended and will last between 13.00-20.00 on Friday, October 15 at Umeå Energi Arena.

The weigh-in will take place at the arena only (not at Elite Mimer Hotel)

Participation fee
Please pay the participation fee in advance to avoid long queues.

For Nordic teams the participation fee is 400 SEK per wrestler to be paid in advance to our bank account/bankgiro. Remember to bring a receipt of the payment.  

Bank account
Umeå Brottningsförening
c/o Eriksson, Björnvägen 72, 906 43, Umeå
IBAN SE4980000842029140931586
Bankgiro 742-1332

Arena adjustments
All teams will sit together with their team on the stand and we urge all teams to leave some space between each team to avoid unneccesary crowding. 

The area around the mats will be roped off and only active wrestlers (wrestlers that are already on the big screen) will be allowed in the competition zone.

The dressing rooms will be kept open but we recommend everyone who can to get changed and shower at the accommodation place. 


Tournament adjustments
Only one wrestler per country will be present on the mats during the opening ceremony. 

Each team will be assigned to a warm-up mat before the start of the tournament. The two warm-up mats, which will be available throughout the tournament, will only be available to wrestlers with upcoming matches. 

The tournament will be dividied into different blocks. Different categories will wrestle during different times, to limit the number of people in the arena and on during warm-up. Information about when each block will wrestle will be presented on the website after weigh-in. 

For all referees, plastic face shields will be available and the referees will follow the same covid protocol as during UWW tournaments. 

All mats will be disinfected regularly throughout the tournament. 

Only medalists will be allowed on the floor during the medal ceremony. Pictures will be taken by our photographer and all pictures will be made available immediately after the medal ceremony is over. 

To limit crowding lunch can be bought outdoor (but eaten indoor!) and coffee and other food items will be available at several places inside the arena. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions regarding the covid plan. or +46-702130728 

Useful links

Department of Foreign Affairs (UD)

Emergency information from Swedish authorities (

Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten)

Swedish Wrestling Federation (Svenska Brottningsförbundet)